Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Island in the Alaskan Fjord

When the ship was working its way through the fjords of Alaska, I was amazed at how many twists and turns there were! I was used the the fjords of New Zealand being fairly simple affairs. More or less straight shots. But these in Alaska are twisty beyond compare. Every time the ship made a big turn, I expected to be at the end, but it just opened up onto a new vista. And even more strange, they had these wonderful islands scattered around the middle. I was not used to that either… but it looked so lovely. If you look in the back, you can see a glacier… and in the foreground you can see the various bits of ice that have calved off…

The Walt Disney Theater on the Disney Wonder

Here’s what the photo below looked like when I shot it. I take these a lot with the Google Glass — I’ve also been working on a bunch of videos were are going to release for a secret new project!
Here’s another new shot from the recent cruise up to Alaska. We went to this theater every night to see something different. The kids always had a good time and they put a ton of work into the shows. Maybe the kids’ favorite part was the snacks… I dunno… but I do know the snacks played no small role!

thank you

Thanks to Stuck On Earth, I found this amazing place below… this is one of the cottages of Marie Antoinette just outside of Paris…

Classical Chinese Shoes

I saw this Kickstarter for this Capture Camera Clip v2. Man, that thing looks pretty slick! I’ve seen many versions… and this one looks interesting.
I don’t know much about women’s shoes. I’ll openly admit that. So, I don’t really know much about these either except that they are really interesting and must be hard to walk on! It’s an older style, obviously, and I wonder if Chinese ladies used to walk on these all the time in the olden days. I bet smart people in the audience will know, however!

Mystery Glacier

Who’s the first to come up with the name of this glacier? In some ways, this is a very lame trick for you to tell me the name of the glacier because I forgot. I heard it while I was there, but now I’ve totally forgotten. But, when I hear it, I’ll know it’s the right one! I’ll check in soon (traveling today), to see who is right!
These sea lions were fighting for space on this buoy in the middle of the open sea in front of the glacier. They would jump out of the water and try to fight one another for the relaxing spot. Just under the water was a shelf of land that plummeted to the depths and provided a rich array of fish for the sea lions. It’s a handy place to hang out, and the buoy is an even handier place to take a mid-lunch nap!

Endless Sunset in Alaska

Anyone watching the new season of Arrested Development? I’ve started re-watching the first few seasons to get ready for the new ones… I’m very excited Netflix brought it back. I hope they bring back Firefly next!
Here’s another recent sunset from Alaska. I took this one evening after dinner when I went on a stroll on Deck 10. These are all handheld, as I see no use in using a tripod on a ship to shoot off the edge of the ship. I was a little worried about noise, but it was all handled more than easily enough in Lightroom and Photomatix.

The Mushrooms Grow

I was having some fun with this shot. The best time to shoot there on the Disney ship was early morning. Most everyone was asleep because most people stay out late. This gave me a great chance to take photos without a bunch of people in the shot. For all the interior shots, I used tripods. Even though the whole boat was moving, everything inside the boat was moving in a relative manner, so it worked out easily.